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Today’s Special: “Sleater-Skinney Low-Fat Flame Grrrl-illed Chicken Burger with Portlandia Pickles”

Question: What could be better than a new Sleater-Kinney single? Answer: A new Sleater-Kinney single with a video set in the world of Bob’s Burgers, of course! I do love it when two of my obsessions overlap, so seeing the … Continue reading

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Dear Reader…

(Because I don’t have anyone else to send one to… sniffle…)

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“Swish… Nothin’ But Butt!”

[Contains deformed carousel horses and SPOILERS!!!] The fourth season of Bob’s Burgers ended on Sunday, with the conclusion to an epic two-part thriller, which saw Bob tied to a strut beneath the pier by his landlord’s crazy brother, and left … Continue reading

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“They’re Dangerous But I Love Their Swagger.”

[Contains erotic undead SPOILERS] There hasn’t been much else to watch over lunch lately, so I’ve been powering through the second season of Bob’s Burgers… which I think was even funnier than the previous season, thanks (in part) to the … Continue reading

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