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HMD 2018

Yesterday I slouched into town for the annual Holocaust Memorial Day service, which is rather unfortunately held in an exposed park near the train-tracks, meaning that speakers are often drowned-out/interrupted by the sound of passing locomotives. Symbolic, or just annoying… … Continue reading

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A couple months back, the BBC decided to throw up a registration-moat around its iPlayer, to make it impossible for casual viewers/listeners to catch-up on shows they’d missed without typing in a username and password every damn time… which is … Continue reading

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“Uh, This Is The Crew Of The USS Callister…”

[Contains distracting pizza deliveries and SPOILERS!!!] Although I’m a big fan of Charlie Brooker’s work as a satirical critic, commentator, and panel-show presenter… not to mention his priceless contribution to British comedy/culture as the brain-father of Philomena Cunk… I’m a … Continue reading

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