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Kama = Drama

[Contains spoiled, bindi-sporting SPOILERS] As a casual student of Indian culture and an aspiring comedy writer, I was curious to check out the Bollywood-biting American rom-com The Guru (2002), and see what I could rip-off learn from it. According to classical … Continue reading

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“Beauty and the Bigots”

I have just finished reading Shilpa: the Biography, by Julie Aspinall. It was only ever intended to be a cheap cash-in, with a large typeface and wide line-spacing, but it gets the job done… the “job” in this case being … Continue reading

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CBB/S-O-V (final)

Before she entered the Celebrity Big Brother house, Davina mentioned in her intro how much Lady Sovereign  hates being called a “Chav”… so naturally a few smart-arses in the crowd started chanting the word, but they were quickly drowned out … Continue reading

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