Embattled M-Rod

Michelle Rodriguez as 'TSgt. Elena Santos' in "Battle: Los Angeles"So, the reviews for Battle: Los Angeles are in, and they ain’t lookin’ good… but having skimmed through them, like the obsessive geek I am, I’ve found that a lot of the critics have actually written quite complimentary (or at least sympathetic) things about the mighty M-Rod, to wit:

“Toting and furious, Michelle Rodriguez is as game as ever in the Michelle Rodriguez Role” – The Telegraph

“Kick-ass specialist Michelle Rodriguez is wasted as sidekick sergeant Elena Santos” – Time Out, London

“Michelle Rodriguez does fine supporting work in the role of an Air Force Tech Sgt. who may have the key to turning the tide of the battle” – Skewed & Reviewed

“Her fans (I am one) will cheer the presence of Michelle Rodriguez, perhaps the only Hollywood actress who looks plausible in military uniform” – Philly.com

“Tough-as-nails Michelle Rodriguez shows up just in time to give it a testosterone boost.” – The Orlando Sentinel

“Michelle Rodriguez [does] a variation on the angry fly-girl who was one of the best things about Avatar.” – New York Times

Basically, the only criticism anyone has to level at her is that she’s been typecast in a minor “tough chick” role again… and as a fan I can’t help feeling a little frustrated that she’s been denied the opportunity to really stretch her dramatic and comedic acting muscles, yet again. In a recent interview with The New York Daily News, M-Rod herself complained: “When us chicks don’t remove our clothes and we don’t play the girlfriend, there are not a lot of roles out there… so I’ve got to play it safe and take the roles I can.” Dammit! If I actually had any sway as a Hollywood writer/producer, I’d be creating roles specifically for her… movies where she not only survived to the end, but even came back for the sequels! I keep stewing over this (potentially) great idea for a cop-movie/rom-com she could star in… but have no idea where I’d send the pitch, even if I did get around to writing it. Ack! Back to the comic books for now, I guess…

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