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Anne Dudek as ‘Emma Carnes’ in “Castle” (ep #2.11)[Contains allergenic, asthma-inducing SPOILERS!]

For some reason my digibox recorder has been having some trouble with Ch5 recently… randomly cutting off the tops and/or tails of various shows, for no apparent reason. This is particularly frustrating in the case of mystery stories, when I have to go online just to find out how everything wrapped up!

This week’s episode of Castle was another casualty, as the recording started about two minutes into the programme, meaning I had no idea who had been killed or how. Luckily they tend to repeat a lot of information in these sorts of procedurals, so I caught up in time to enjoy the unexpected arrival of Anne Dudek as ‘Emma Carnes’, the ex-wife of an amnesiac (played by Marc Blucas) who may have witnessed/committed the murder of a shonky art dealer. I was rather proud of myself for recognising Dudek on sight, even though I haven’t actually seen her in anything much since The Book Group… although this oversight is entirely my own fault, because she’s had recurring roles in a number of big, fancy shows like House, Mad Men and Big Love… so, yay for her! I thought she was very funny and sweet here… and, as Blucas’ character quite rightly observes, she looked pretty darn gorgeous too.

Note: Molly C. Quinn is still insanely adorable as ‘Alexis’. Isn’t there any way we can get her and Alicia Witt to work together somehow? I’d totally buy them as sisters… or mother and daughter, maybe? [Wikipedia confirms that’s technically feasible… but only just!]

EDIT: (7/5/12) Found a great gallery crammed with HQ Castle screencaps. Hurrah!

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